Insulations and heating systems to minimize energy losses.

Whether for low ambient temperatures as an anti-freeze protection at high medium temperatures to minimize energy losses or as a protection against accidental contact, an insulation in combination with a trace heating is the ideal solution.

Purpose of an insulation

Using an insulation, the medium temperature in the visual level indicator can be kept at a consistently constant level over a longer period of time. In addition to this, insulating the level indicator is ideal to prevent condensation water and to minimize energy losses.

Application range

An insulation is often used generally as an anti-freeze protection, but also for hot gas lines, steam pipes or with changing temperatures. They keep the medium temperatures at a constant level over a longer period of time and offer safe and reliable protection against contact with hot surfaces.

The insulation material has good UV resistance. In order to ensure this on a permanent basis, the insulation should be protected against general environmental influences in the case of outdoor installation (e.g. by means of a sheet-metal jacket).

Electrical trace heating

Temperature control can be achieved in different ways. In addition to the self-limiting heating system which is mainly used as anti-freeze protection or process heating, also versions equipped with control devices are available. The temperature is controlled by a controller which measures the surface temperature of the level indicator with a probe and turns on or off automatically. This controlled design is particularly suited for industrial applications in chemically aggressive environments.

Trace heating with steam

In cases in which no electrical power is available or must not be used, special trace heating can be operated using steam. They are equipped with their own lateral connections ensuring a safe and reliable installation.

In addition to the version of copper pipes installed up and down on the surface of the visual level indicator, an all-round heating jacket is also available. The heating jacket can be used for both cooling and heating.

Use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres

For use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres, electrical trace heating in an increased safety design (Ex e) that have been type-tested according to the European Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) are available.


20060307/10 - Single layer insulation


20060307/20 - Double layer Insulation


20060307/30 - High Temperature Insulation 



Heating/Cooling Jacket,

sheet metal enclosure



20060307/50 - Self-Limiting Heat Tracing, for Freeze Protection 


20060307/60 - Self-Limiting Heat Tracing, for Freeze Protection (EEx e execution)


20060307/70 - Heat Tracing with controller 


20060307/80 - Heat Tracing with controller (EEx e execution)


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