The standard version for operating pressures ranging from 50 bar to 200 bar and operating temperatures up to 400 °C


The operating range exceeding 50 bar (5 MPa) is generally referred to and recognized as the high-pressure area in the process industry and plant engineering.

Many manufacturers have only little experience in this area and can, if at all, only provide special custom-made designs. WEKA feels especially at home in this segment and can offer a standard version with four staggered series (80 bar, 100 bar, 150 bar and 200 bar). This makes it easier for the user to select the right product, simplifies the handling, ensures the level of quality and allows delivery availability over many years.

From 200 bar to 630 bar, we offer individual solutions, building on a large number of products that have already been realized.


Here, too, the float with the horizontal bar magnet is used as a basis. Many years ago, WEKA was the first manufacturer to develop the ball float. Due to the optimal pressure-resistant geometry of the ball, we were able to design a float made of titanium which is suitable for the highest pressures without having to increase the internal pressure. WEKA is thus able to choose from a large number of float types for a wide variety of parameters.

On this basis, we build bypass visual level indicators according to the European Directive (Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)) or according to American Standards (ANSI / ASME).

Thanks to the magnetic principle, we are not restricted to using non-magnetizable materials. In general, the material group 316/316L or 1.4401/1.4404/1.4435/1.4436 and the pressure stage determine the series to be used.

For all four pressure stages, EN and ANSI connections are already included in the scope of delivery of the standard version. Whether flanges, threads or weld-on ends, the basic type including the required connections can be determined using simple pressure-temperature diagrams (p-T diagrams). Since there is a suitable float for all types, chosen by WEKA according to the process data, the only thing left to do is to select the indication rail which is available in a wide variety for all types.


With one or several magnetic switches as accessories, the level indicator can be extended to become an indicator with limit switches. It is also possible to install a transmitter on a visual level indicator in order to additionally generate a continuous electrical signal which can be evaluated in a control system.

The entire range of 2- and 3-wire instruments, either as normal or as Ex- versions (ATEX / IECEx) and in a wide variety of temperature designs, is available in the standard range.


Additional tests such as X-ray inspection or dye penetration tests are possible and quite usual. With pickling or passivation processes, the surface quality of the stainless steel can be improved.


For each delivered instrument, we create a manufacturer test certificate according to EN10204-2.1. On request, even higher-level test certificates or a material certificate according to EN10204-3.1 can be obtained.

The quality of our products can be ensured not least by means of a factory acceptance test or acceptance testing by third parties.


WEKA offers standardized visual level indicators up to 200 bar!


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