WEKA high-pressure valves for hydrogen are used in systems such as petrol stations (for cars, buses, forklift trucks or space vehicles), pump stations or on trailers. They cover both the application range of LH2 at low pressures and that of GH2 at high pressures.

Valve characteristics

WEKA high-pressure valves for hydrogen are made of stainless steel. Special surface treatments and sealing methods at the seat and to the outside ensure safe and reliable operation under extreme conditions such as a temperature of 20 K and a pressure of up to 1000 bar. The valves are available in the sizes DN6 to DN25 (other nominal diameters on request) and cover the nominal pressure range PN420, PN640 and PN1000. The valves are equipped with a pneumatic drive for control or open/close valves or with a manual drive.


Each valve is subjected to a pressure test at 1.5*PN and integrally tested for tightness to the outside using helium. The tightness below the seat is also tested for the nominal pressure or for a value defined by the customer.


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