Helium is a resource of limited availability and cannot be substituted in most of its applications. Recirculation systems are accordingly used to prevent this valuable raw material from escaping into the atmosphere, and instead to return it to a container or re-condenser (liquefier).

Liquid helium is used mainly in research for cooling superconductors or scientific experiments. Following heat exchange, this valuable material exists once again in gaseous form at higher temperature. In small plants, this spent helium is simply released into the atmosphere.

Recovering vaporised helium is an increasingly popular option, especially when large quantities are at stake. In order to reduce the amount of helium vaporised, it is important above all to reduce the heat load through valves or couplings to a minimum. WEKA cryogenic components, such as valves or couplings, already have a very low heat load as a standard, which can be further reduced through specific measures. This increases the efficiency of the plant, and the gases, which are still cold, can thus be used at full capacity for precooling the incoming gases or for supplying the thermal shields.

In order to prevent unwanted backflow of fluids in the process or in the experiment, WEKA offers check valves for the hot and cold side, which stand out for very low actuation pressure and very high tightness.


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