No level indication without floats

Whether visual or electrical level indication - The float is the fundamental key component in a visual level indicator ensuring proper function.


According to the principle of the communicating vessels, the level in the standpipe will always arrive at the same level as in the container to be measured. A float that is in the standpipe of the visual level indicator is adjusted to the density of the liquid to be measured in such a manner that the bar magnet in the float will rest exactly at the height of the liquid level. On the one hand, the magnetic field of the bar magnet affects the indication flags of the indication rail with the north pole and, on the other hand, optional accessories such as magnetic switches or transmitters with the south pole.

Interface measurement or foam formation? – No problem

In all cases where two media that will not mix and have a density difference of more than 0.1g/cm3 are to be measured, WEKA floats can be used for precise interface measurements. Based on the density details, the deadweight of the float that is the ideal product for the application is determined and produced specific to the order.

Compact design

The low weight of the WEKA bar magnet principle allows an incredibly lightweight design of the floats and, as a result, an extremely compact, material-saving and modern design of the standpipe of the visual level indicator. The floats also ensure the highest possible diameter difference between float OD and standpipe ID – an important advantage when very dirty or highly viscous liquids need to be measured.

Temperature stability

Selected magnetic materials with a negligible degradation of magnetic flux ensure that the functional advantages of the WEKA bar magnet principle are maintained at extreme operating temperatures. We guarantee that the floats function reliably even at permanent operating temperatures of up to 400 °C!

Wide variety of our floats

Whether interface measurement, high pressures, low densities or an aggressive liquid; for most applications, you will find a suitable float from our standard program to indicate the level in a reliable manner.

Again and again, however, also customized solutions are required for special operating conditions. Our strengths include the development, production and testing of customized solutions to suit your individual requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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