WEKA is the leading manufacturer of components for helium and hydrogen applications in cryogenic technology. A wide range of couplings, valves and flow control elements are employed in this sector.

Achieving temperatures close to absolute zero is a highly demanding technical challenge. Huge amounts of energy are needed to produce just a few litres of highly valuable liquid gas. Accordingly, utmost care and attention must be given to efficiency.

For cryogenic components, efficiency means tightness against vacuum isolation, low heat capacity (mass) and low thermal conductivity.

In turn, these requirements demand an ultra-precise, thin-walled valve design that simultaneously satisfies the pressure tightness requirements while complying with international pressure equipment standards and guidelines.

WEKA holds its market position with well-tested and innovative solutions in the segment of valves, passive elements and check valves, couplings and pressure-increasing ejectors, in both the cryogenic and the high-pressure sector.