Visual level indicators to be used on top of the tank


In all cases in which it is not possible or allowed to mount a visual level indicator to one side of the tank, top-of-tank visual level indicators (Top of Tank VLI – ToT) can be used.


Here, a float system is used, in which the float element, i.e. the float, and the magnet support with the horizontal bar magnet are separated and connected with rods.

The level is measured by the float, moved upwards to the magnet support and indicated.

Since the level is thus no longer intuitively at the same height as the indicator as is the case for the bypass visual level indicators, we recommend using measuring scales which clarify the relation to the filling height, e.g. 0 % to 100 %.


The float is guided by means of a surge pipe in the tank. Optionally, the surge pipe can also be replaced by guide rods.


For the mechanical connection, a flange is recommended, but tank screws are also common connection options. The different pressure stages must be selected using simple pressure-temperature diagrams (p-T diagrams).

Apart from that, the full accessories portfolio, such as the range of indication rail products with measuring scales, is available.


With one or several magnetic switches as accessories, the level indicator can be extended to become an indicator with limit switches. It is also possible to install a transmitter on a visual level indicator in order to additionally generate a continuous electrical signal which can be evaluated in a control system.

The entire range of 2- and 3-wire instruments, either as normal or as Ex- versions and in a wide variety of temperature designs, is available in the standard range.


Here, the most frequently used material is also group 316/316L stainless steel. With pickling or passivation processes, the surface quality of the stainless steel can be improved.

However, we also produce using PVC, PP or PVDF materials.


For each delivered instrument, we create a manufacturer test certificate according to EN10204-2.1. On request, even higher-level test certificates or a material certificate according to EN10204-3.1 can be obtained.

The quality of our products can be ensured not least by means of a factory acceptance test or acceptance testing by third parties.


All this is offered by the WEKA StandardLine!

Top of Tank 2.5, PP

Nominal pressure

max. 2,5 bar

Operating temperature

-10°C to 80°C



Top of Tank 2.5, PVC

Nominal pressure

max. 2,5 bar

Operating temperature

0°C to 60°C



Top of Tank 10, PVDF

Nominal pressure

max. 10 bar

Operating temperature

-20°C to 140°C



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