Space infrastructure

Space technology is based on technical gases which are not available in space and are thus stored in the rocket. The fact that they must be immediately available requires the highest possible degree of reliability of the infrastructure and their components.


The fuel supply of the rockets during the launch phase only takes a few minutes. The launch takes only a few, hectic minutes. Due to the narrow planning, there is no room for something unexpected.

The rocket needs hydrogen as fuel, oxygen as oxidant as well as helium and nitrogen as inert gases for instrumentation and pressure compensation.

These gases are usually available on the launching platform in high-pressure vessels or are liquefied on site.

The WEKA high-pressure shut-off valves, manually operated valves, control valves and check valves offer a reliable control and actuation behaviour for large cross-sections so that the smooth running of the preparatory operations is ensured.

A consolidated design and the use of common parts and components allow optimised maintenance management with a limited scope of spare parts.



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