• Signal Converter SC-10
Friday, 28. September 2018 15:15
Product Update

SC-10, the new, compact converter for the 3-wire transmitter from WEKA company

Our level indicators can optionally be equipped with magnetic switches or with transmitters for a continuous electrical signal. A new, compact converter is now available for WEKA's 3-wire transmitters. The converter feeds the resistance chain of the instrument with a constant current. The transmitter supplies a voltage via the signal conductor analogous to the level in the float chamber, which is then converted into a passive 4...20 mA current signal. This standardized current signal (NAMUR) is less sensitive to interference, which has a positive effect on the stability of the system.


     The main product advantages:

     ► Economical:
          - Cost-effective alternative to bus converters (HART®, Profibus®, Foundation Fieldbus®)
          - simple and fast installation
          - clever maintenance

     ► Robust:
          - Reverse polarity secured and overvoltage protected
          - no software, no updates, no start-up, no crash

     ► Selbstabgleichend:
          - 4 mA position self-calibrating
          - 20 mA position pre-set (re-adjustable)

     ► User-friendly:
          - 3 LEDs indicate the current operating status
          - Determination and indication of sensor errors by LED
          - Error storage for diagnostic purposes
          - Forwarding of error codes to the controller


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