Visual level indicators made of high-quality plastic materials for selected applications


It does not always have to be stainless steel!


To indicate the level of acids, materials with a high amount of nickel in the steel area are often required. The raw materials are expensive and it is not always easy to procure them. The machining and processing of these materials is complex, time-consuming and therefore expensive.

A far more favourable alternative for the low-pressure and low-temperature range are plastic materials. Using PVC, polypropylene (PP) or PVDF materials, many measuring tasks can be carried out safely and efficiently.


An excellent example is battery acid, for the resistance of which high-alloyed nickel steel would have to be used or – far easier and less expensive – a PP visual level indicator. It is no coincidence that all housings of car batteries are made of plastic materials.


Of course, a large number of float types for a wide variety of parameters are available in PVC, PP or PVDF designs.


These level indicators must not be used in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX / IECEx), since plastic materials tend towards static charging and could thus generate as much energy as is required for ignition.


Whether flanges, threads or weld-on ends, the basic type including the required connections can be determined using simple pressure-temperature diagrams (p-T diagrams). Since there is a suitable float for all types, chosen by WEKA according to the process data, the only thing left to do is to select the indication rail which is available in a wide variety for all types.


With one or several magnetic switches as accessories, the level indicator can be extended to become an indicator with limit switches. It is also possible to install a transmitter on a visual level indicator in order to additionally generate a continuous electrical signal which can be evaluated in a control system.

Here, the entire range of 2- and 3-wire instruments is available.


For each delivered instrument, we create a manufacturer test certificate according to EN10204-2.1. On request, even higher-level test certificates can be obtained.

The quality of our products can be ensured not least by means of a factory acceptance test or acceptance testing by third parties.


Modern plastic materials are not "plastic of inferior quality", but an innovative alternative to stainless steels!

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