WEKA AG has become even more sustainable since last year: The company in Bäretswil, Zurich, has received the highest award for its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In 2018 WEKA AG was evaluated for the first time by the independent auditing company EcoVadis and achieved the second-best rating.

  • IECEx approval for WEKA magnetic level indicator (VLI)
Wednesday, 03. July 2019 08:15

New Ex-protection certifications for non-electrical devices - now available at WEKA

  • Cryogenic Massflow Sensor, WEKASENSE
Monday, 29. October 2018 12:00

WEKASENSE® - Self-calibrating cryogenic flow measurement

  • Signal Converter SC-10
Friday, 28. September 2018 15:15

SC-10, the new, compact converter for the 3-wire transmitter from WEKA company

  •  ICEC27-ICMC 2018
Monday, 03. September 2018 09:00 to Friday, 07. September 2018 17:00

The British Cryogenics Council and the University of Oxford in partnership with the Science and Technology Facilities Council is inviting for ICEC27-ICMC 2018. The conference will be held at the University of Oxford Examination Schools, Oxford, United Kingdom from Monday, 3rd September, 2018 - Friday, 7th September, 2018.