Optimized to ensure the highest possible degree of reliability in harsh environments, Marine TLIs ( Tank Level Instruments) are the solution for extraordinary tasks.

The float principle guarantees reliable results in such surface or interface measurements as are usually carried out in submarines. Thanks to the voltage divider principle and the 2-3-2 sequence measurement, we achieve the highest possible reliability, which is indispensable for military certification.

Thanks to their robust design, WEKA TLI sensors of the XM-36000E/XM-140000E series are particularly suited for tanks in commercial and military naval shipbuilding (shock- and vibration-resistant) or for industrial tanks with highly viscous, rapidly moving media (e.g. caused by high-powered stirring machines). If insufficient space is available in irregularly shaped tanks (e.g. submarines), it is possible to connect several individual transmitters to make one combined transmitter.

Basically, the new XM-140000E series differs from the long-established XM-36000E series in that the resolution has been increased by 2.5 times (5 mm instead of 12.7 mm), with 10 times higher shock values. In addition, especially for military naval applications, magnets inside the floats have been arranged in the products of the XM-140000E series in such a way that there is a very low stray field.

For this purpose, a complete modular system consisting of shock-certified connection elements was developed. For aggressive media, different materials and coatings are available. From a range of approx. 30 float types, we will find for the right float for your individual application. The combination of special cable types that are installed in the tank and connect the sensors and the associated instrument transformers converting the voltage signal into a current signal (4…20 mA, current sink) is an all-in-one system with which all levels in a submarine can be measured.

Even if it is not a submarine, we can offer the technology to satisfy the highest demands in industrial environments. WEKA "Marine TLIs" are also installed, for example, in emergency power supply units of nuclear power plants or in level measurement and monitoring systems of offshore platforms.

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