For many years, WEKA products have featured as reliable components in helium, hydrogen and air liquefaction plants. 

Alongside turbines, compressors and heat exchangers, valves are one of the most important components of a liquefier. Valves are responsible for controlling the parameters and maintaining the optimal duty point of the turbine and compressor. The accuracy of control and above all their stability thus have a great influence on the efficiency of the plant.

Naturally, being made of a heat-conducting material, the valves present an interface between the cryogenic lines and the ambient room temperature. This unavoidable heat load in the system must be minimized to keep the plant running efficiently. For this purpose, the TEV and TEQV series of WEKA valves are made in a special design developed specifically for cryogenic technology to reduce heat load and thus increase plant efficiency.

This heat load phenomenon is especially important when employing bayonet couplings. A minimal gap, thin metal tubes and reflecting surfaces ensure the greatest possible thermal resistance.

An equally important factor is the components’ vacuum tightness, vacuums providing the primary insulation for cryogenic plants. Valves, couplings and check valves are produced at highest quality and are checked in order to guarantee the integrity of the vacuum at every pressure stage.


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