Keeping Liquids and Gases under control – WEKA turns 75

Learn more about the history of the WEKA and how WEKA has managed to reach the top of the world market!

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  • 2018


    First auditing and certification by the independent testing company EcoVadis. Receipt of "Silver Status" award by achieving the second-best rating.

  • 2017

    Introduction of LEAN Management

    WEKA relies on efficient processes and continuous improvement to ensure maximum customer benefit.

  • 2009

    Approval IECEx

    In 2009 WEKA became the approval by Zelm Ex according to IECEx.

  • 2007

    Introduction SAP All-in-One

    In October 2007 WEKA introduces SAP All-in-One for all business processes successfully within short time

  • 2007

    Take-over Flowserve La Chaux-de-Fonds

    In July 2007 WEKA integrates personnel and manufacturing facilities of Flowserve S.A. in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) including "Bättig" Valve program MicroFlow and LowFlow Valves

  • 2003


    In May 2003 the QS-System has been approved according to ATEX.

  • 2002

    Total Quality Management

    In May 2002 the Total Quality Management System of WEKA has successfully been audited by the German Lloyd according ISO 9001 and PED module H and H1. At the same time the welding approval was renewed.

  • 2001

    Member of the Arca Flow Group

    In August 2001 WEKA became a member of the Arca Group, a well-known German company for control valves.

  • 1997

    Take-over from DANAHER Corporation

    September 1997 WEKA as a part of the Gems Sensors Group becomes part of the DANAHER Corporation., USA.

  • 1995

    Take-over GEMS tank level instruments

    1995 take-over the european manufacturing from GEMS tank level instruments.


  • 1991

    New company building

    1991 New facilities in Bäretswil, approx. 25km south-east of Zurich.

  • 1981

    Take-over from IMO Industries

    1981 Successful start in the USA and take-over from IMO Industries. The Founders sell the company after 40 years of operations. WEKA becomes a part of the IMO Group, Lawrenceville, N.J.

  • 1979

    Step across the Atlantic

    In 1979 WEKA heralded the step across the Atlantic with the signing of a license contract with GEMS Sensors Division of IMO Industries for the manufacture of WEKASureSite Magnetic Level Indicators in the USA.

  • 1978

    First cryogenic components

    In 1978 WEKA produced the first cryogenic valves and couplings.

  • 1962

    First patent

    In 1962 the original version of the WEKA Magnetic Level Indicator was patented. WEKA moved ahead in the area of measurement and control technology.

  • 1949


    In 1949 reorganized as WEKA AG.

  • 1940


    In August 1940, Arthur Welter and August Karrer founded WEKA. Purpose of the business was manufacture and sale of lead fittings. Within only two years it became necessary to move into larger production facilities.