A pressure over 420 bar is becoming very demanding even without the requirements set by cryogenics, resulting in certain materials reaching their limits. WEKA has the expertise to design and produce tailor-made solutions and to support the customer in both commissioning and maintenance.

In connection with hydrogen, high pressure is becoming increasingly a topic. The vehicles with fuel cells have a tank, in which hydrogen is stored at 350 or 700 bar and even the distribution of hydrogen from the production station to the respective application is carried out at high pressure.

The operating pressure both in ambient temperature applications and in the cryogenic range is increasingly raised.

Together with well-known manufacturers from the automotive and gas technology industries, WEKA has been involved in demanding projects and thus acquired the respective expertise.

The products which have already been manufactured include ambient temperature valves up to 640 bar and DN25, cryogenic valves with small diameters in the 420 and 1000 bar classes, check valves in the classes already mentioned above as well as a large number of cryogenic and ambient temperature valves in the 250 bar range up to a diameter of DN50.