The favorable alternative with a high standard of quality


WEKA manufacturers all of its products in its own factory in Switzerland. As a result, manufacturing methods with the highest level of quality and highly qualified personnel with state-of-the-art expertise are also available for this product.

In order to be able to manufacture a favorable product for simple level measurement tasks, we use a basic range of products, allowing us to ideally organize the manufacturing process and keep the handling costs low.


The EconomyLine uses the SmartLine 50 and StandardLine 6 types, for which it is not possible to choose from all possible options. Visual level indication on containers with water or oil at low pressures and temperatures does not always require an expensive solution.


Here, EN and ANSI connections are already included in the scope of delivery of the standard version, too, but they are limited to three specified nominal sizes. The flanges are designed as loose-type flange combinations, as often used in the container building and shipbuilding industry in order to compensate manufacturing tolerances.

The restricted overall length therefore results in simplified pressure-temperature diagrams (p-T diagrams) and thus fixed categories, reducing both the testing costs and manufacturing costs. Since there is a suitable float for all types, chosen by WEKA according to the process data, the only thing left to do is to select the indication rail.


With one or several magnetic switches as accessories, the level indicator can be extended to become an indicator with limit switches. It is also possible to install a transmitter on a visual level indicator in order to additionally generate a continuous electrical signal which can be evaluated in a control system.

A limited range of products which should generally be sufficient for simple level measurements with visual level indicators is available in this case.


Certifications of the seven largest shipbuilding classification companies worldwide open up a wide area of potential applications in the shipbuilding industry.


Despite the basic program and favorable price, we comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), as is the case for all of our instruments.


For each delivered instrument, we create a manufacturer test certificate according to EN10204-2.1.


EconomyLine – the favorable alternative for level measurement without compromising on quality!

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