The initially CSA (Cryogenic Society of America) was founded in 1964 under the name "Helium Society". Most of the former members focused on applications in the aerospace industry. In 1971, the Helium Society was converted to CSA. The organization is now highly diversified and is concerned with cryogenic technologies in all application areas. Comprised of more than 47 countries, its members include engineers, physicists, other scientists, field staff, technicians, all levels of management, systems developers and operators, and a variety of other professions with a wide range of academic degrees.

The purpose and objectives of the Cryogenic Society of America are to:

  • encourage the dissemination of information concerning low temperature processes and techniques

  • bring together those in all disciplines concerned with the applications of low temperature technology

  • promote research and development of low temperature processes by meetings, professional contacts, papers, reports and publications

  • increase public awareness of the usefulness of cryogenic technology